Locating a Reputable Guardianship Lawyer

A lawyer with experience handling guardianship issues can gather the necessary information, submit your case to the court, and represent you in any necessary hearings. As a guardian, you have a great deal of duty and must follow all rules and guidelines set forth by the court. It must be demonstrated that you are able to provide for your ward and make choices that are best for them. It is imperative that you have an accomplished New York guardianship lawyer on your side for this challenging undertaking.

It’s critical that you seek the advice of an experienced Chicago Illinois guardianship lawyer if you’ve been requested to take on the role of legal guardian for someone. A lawyer can help you with the process of requesting guardianship over someone’s personal or property matters from the New York Surrogate’s Court, Family Court, or Supreme Court. You can seek a guardianship of the person, which gives you the power to make daily decisions for your ward, or a guardianship of the estate, which gives you the authority to manage and oversee financial matters, including money, assets, real estate, settlements from lawsuits, insurance policies, and more, with the assistance of the law firm of Goldfarb Abrandt Salzman & Kutzin.

Guardianships involve a variety of legal issues, the most common ones being elderly parents exhibiting signs of dementia or other cognitive impairments, elderly disabled people who have become incapable of managing their own finances or medical care, and soon-to-be adult children who require the legal counsel of an expert. A child, aging parent, or other loved one who has become unable of taking care of themselves may need the legal protection of a guardianship attorney, such as Kate Curler, who has extensive experience in this area.

Although there are numerous advantages to legal guardianship, it may also be emotionally and time-consuming. You will need to go through a rigorous interview procedure in order to be given the opportunity to be considered for a formal guardianship. This process may involve talking about your capacity to take care of the individual, manage their daily activities, and provide them the healthcare they require. Additionally, you will have to give documentation of your capacity to manage your finances and your desire to take on the obligations of this position. The legal team at New York Legacy Lawyers can help you apply for guardianship and make sure that your loved one is protected to the fullest extent possible. Give us a call right now to arrange a consultation.